Canyon Springs
  A.C.E. (Alternative Curriculum Education)                       

Canyon Springs is the home of two ACE programs. Primary and upper grade students are provided with a wide range of activities using different modes of communication.  These programs are language based that incorporate functional and academic curriculum.  The curriculum is adapted to meet the individual needs of the students.  Projects are developed to help stimulate and encourage students to participate and succeed.

  Canyon Springs State Preschool

Early childhood education is one of our most powerful tools for ensuring student achievement.  The Canyon Springs State Preschool Program is an educational program for children ages three and four years old. It provides high quality, developmentally appropriate, preschool programs that address the cognitive, social, and physical needs of children before they enter kindergarten. Thus creating accomplished students who become successful and contributing adults that enrich our local communities with their skills and competences.

  DHH classes (Deaf and Hard of Hearing)

Canyon Springs has the unique position of serving many children with hearing impairments in the Santa Clarita Valley.  We have one preschool through kindergarten class and an elementary class. We are the base for a complete audio logical suite and support services.  Our Deaf students participate in all activities at Canyon Springs and are integrated into many regular classrooms.

  EISS (Early Intervention School Success)

EISS is a nationally validated program that had been in place at Canyon Springs School in 1995. It guides teachers in providing developmentally appropriate activities for students in a structured classroom. A child-centered environment allows children to realize their potential as they successfully grow and become whole learners.

 GATE (Gifted and Talented Education)

The GATE program provides differentiated instruction to each student in the program. This instruction takes place in the regular classroom setting and is in lieu of, and not in addition to, the existing curriculum. Each student receives an annual ILP (Individual Learning Plan) which outlines the student's program. Also provided are opportunities to work in clusters with other students enrolled in the GATE program at grade level and cross-age as well. These cluster activities are lead by specialists in a particular field. All GATE students participate in the annual District wide GATE project.

  RSP - Resource Specialist

The resource program provides support to children with identified learning disabilities. The program provides support in a variety of ways. For some children, support is given in the classroom through one on one or small group assistance with assignments. Other children are supported in the resource room where the child can work on attaining specific skills. In both circumstances the support is provided in order to help the children meet the goals and objectives delineated on their Individualized Educational Programs.


The Special Day Class at Canyon Springs is involved in a wide range of learning experiences.  Critical thinking skills targeted by the curriculum are emphasized through hands on learning.  Technology is an integral part of the classroom experience and allows for exploration of various concepts to extend skills from the classroom into the community and beyond.

  Speech and Language   

The Speech / Language Program is available to children who exhibit a delay in the are of phonology (sound production), language, voice and or fluency (stuttering). Services are provided by a Language Speech Specialist one to two times a week on a pull-out basis in small groups.

  Title 1 Resources

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