Categorical Services

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    TBD - Director of Curriculum and Instruction

    Melanie Morales-Van Hecke - English Learner Program Coordinator


    Categorical Programs are established by state or federal legislation and are designed to supplement the existing core/basic instructional program.  Most categorical programs are developed to serve a specific targeted group or audience. The goal of categorical funding is to insure access and maximize the potential for success of otherwise at risk students.

    Common Elements of Categorical Programs include:

    ·      The programs supplement the core/base program

    ·      They are designed to serve a specified targeted audience

    ·      They usually have a life span identified within the legislation

    We design tools and resources for schools and departments that facilitate the implementation of State and Federal Programs, assist in the development and monitoring of State and Federal Program budgets/expenditures at our schools, and assist in the development and revision of the district Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and schools' Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSAs).

    In addition, Categorical Programs provides training in various state and federal requirements that are associated with categorical programs, such as School Site Council election and duties and employee time audit support.  

    The mission of Categorical Programs is to serve all stakeholders of both public and private schools with expertise, personalized support, and attention to detail. As laws and regulations are in a constant state of flux, the department stays up-to-date with current legal requirements, and finds ways to assist schools in achieving compliance in ways that support a continuous cycle of improvement to benefit all students.

    Instructional Services also coordinates various categorical programs that provide high quality professional development opportunities throughout the year to support staff in meeting the academic, social, and emotional needs of all students.


    The Sulphur Springs Union School District GATE program provides differentiated learning opportunities in the regular classroom.  Teachers utilize strategies that add depth, complexity, novelty, and/or acceleration to standards-based lessons. It is our goal that differentiated instruction maximizes the potential of students by meeting the academic, intellectual, social, and emotional needs of each student.


    Program Purpose

          Provides programs and services for identified English learner students to assist them in achieving grade-level academic standards and acquiring fluency in English

    Propósito del programa

          Proveé los programas y los servicios para los alumnos identificados como aprendices del idioma inglés para ayudarlos en lograr los estándares academicos del grado y dominar el idioma inglés

    English Learner Information

    Community Based English Tutoring Program/Adult ESL Classes

          The CBET Program provides English classes at no cost to adults who pledge to provide assistance to English learner students.

    English Classes at Valley View, Leona Cox, Canyon Springs, or Mint Canyon

    Registration Information:
    Noncredit ESL classes are tuition free.
    The noncredit registration form is available online at
    To register, mail, fax or bring a completed registration form to:
    College of the Canyons - Continuing Education — Village 110
    26455 Rockwell Canyon Road - Santa Clarita, CA 91355
    Phone: 661-362-3304 - FAX: 661-287-3425
    Office Hours: Monday through Thursday 8AM-5PM (closed Fridays)

    Programa de ingles basado en la comumidad (CBET)/Clases de inglés como segundo idioma para adultos

      El programa CBET proveé clases de inglés como segundo idioma sin costo para los adultos que comprometen a ayudar a los alumnus que están aprendiendo el ingles.

    Classes de ESL en Valley View, Leona Cox, Canyon Springs, o Mint Canyon

    Información de registro:
    Clases de ESL sin créditos académicos son matrícula gratis.
    El formulario de inscripción sin créditos académicos está disponible en línea en
    Para registrarse, por correo, fax o traer un formulario de inscripción:
    College of the Canyons - Continuing Education — Village 110
    26455 Rockwell Canyon Road - Santa Clarita, CA 91355
    Teléfono: 661-362-3304 - FAX: 661-287-3425
    Horas de Oficina: el lunes al jueves 8AM-5PM (cerrado los viernes)


    Program Purpose

    The purpose of this Title I is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging State academic achievement standards and state academic assessments. Canyon Springs Community School, Fair Oaks Ranch Community School, Leona Cox Community School, Mint Canyon Community School, Mitchell Community School, adn Valley View Community School all have a Title I Schoolwide Program. A Schoolwide Program school may use its Title I, Part A, funds coupled with other educational funds to upgrade the school's entire educational program, rather than to target services only on identified children. By affecting the entire program of instruction, the overall education of children can be improved.