Distance Learning

Distance Learning can be accessed through clever.com. Your child must first find our school account through Sulphur Springs School District and Valley View School before logging on.  Next, they must access through their google accounts: unsername initials lunch number @sssd.k12.ca.us and password: lunch number sssd (no spaces inbetween).  Then, they must go into google classroom and Distance Learning with the access code of rxblck4 .  Each day I will be post new lessons, beginning with week 1 on 8/13/20.  There are suggested schedules for the week and lessons should allow students to complete their work on line, so that I can monitor them.  Weekly assessments are assigned in Benchmark for Language Arts and unit tests for math are in Think Central.  Furthermore, I will communicate with parents through Parent Square, Google Classroom and Class DOJO, if you have any questions or concerns, you can leave me a message.  I will check each and my district email frequently throughout the day.