• Fair Oaks Ranch School Vision Statement

    Fair Oaks Ranch is a school of discovery, where children strive to soar to the pinnacle of social, emotional, and academic achievement. Fair Oaks Ranch students develop outstanding character by recognizing diversity, gain an understanding of the value of education through standards-based instruction and assessment, and share in the responsibility of their learning.

    Fair Oaks Ranch parents are active participants in their child's learning and provide the essential foundation that allows the children to achieve their fullest potential.

    Fair Oaks Ranch teachers celebrate the diversity of the school community. They reach out to the unique learning style of children by providing differentiated instruction, consistently monitoring students' learning, inspiring them to achieve their personal best.

    Through a cohesive partnership between parents and school, an alliance is created dedicated to providing an academic environment for students to access the core curriculum.

    The culmination of these efforts empowers Fair Oaks Falcons to become enthusiastic life-long learners and productive citizens.

    "Soaring Above the Rest".

    Fair Oaks Ranch School Mission

    Curriculum and Staff Development
    All students are provided a challenging curriculum aligned with well-defined state standards at each grade level. A wide range of teaching strategies provided by highly qualified personnel and standards-based instructional materials support student success. The staff participates in staff development opportunities during Professional Development Tuesdays.

    Using multiple measures, we monitor student progress and achievement in all curricular areas. Assessment results guide modifications to our instructional program and enable teachers, students, and parents to analyze the effectiveness of instruction.

    Student Support
    Programs are developed and implemented in response to students’ academic, physical, social, and emotional needs.
    Students, staff, and the community view and utilize technology as a tool. The staff works to integrate technology throughout the curriculum and uses it to enhance student learning. We continue to seek innovative means to expand and update our existing technology.

    Awareness of Diversity
    At Fair Oaks Ranch, we foster cultural awareness and social responsibility in our students. The Character Counts program is an integral part of this effort.
    Health and Safety
    Our school maintains a safe, secure, and healthy learning environment. This is achieved through emergency preparedness, clearly defined school-wide expectations, nurturing staff, and a clean, well-maintained campus.
    Community Relations
    Parents and community members are encouraged to actively participate in our students' learning experiences. As our community continues to grow, we welcome new families to our school. We take pride in the family atmosphere at Fair Oaks Ranch School.