Vision Statement

  •   Mitchell School Community provides a safe, nurturing, and positive learning environment where all students will learn and achieve their maximum potential. All students will meet rigorous state standards, become physically fit, and feel a personal connection to the school. Students understand the importance of accepting others and being responsible members of our culturally diverse society. Strong character and personal integrity are cultivated through adult and peer role models. We prepare our students to be lifelong learners, leaders of the future, and productive contributing members of our world. Mitchell Community takes pride in the reality that, working together, we can succeed and make a difference.


    * Staff and students alike believe that all students will learn and achieve their maximum potential. Students display confidence in their strengths and have a positive self image.

    * There are high expectations for student achievement and behavior.

    * A safe and secure place to be, and have a sense of pride in our school.

    * Students develop an appreciation of everyone's uniqueness and the commonalities we all share. Uniqueness is accepted with compassion.

    * Students will work cooperatively with all others.

    * Students appreciate American democratic ideals and our constitutional heritage. Students develop a connection to our community, our nation, and our world.

    * Students have be proficient in understanding of reading, writing, math, and problem-solving. Students can apply information in a practical manner.

    * Students accept responsibility for themselves and their actions.

    * Technology is utilized as a tool for learning, communication , and production of outcomes.