Fair Oaks Ranch Community School

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Principal's Message

  • Welcome to Fair Oaks Ranch Community School!  I am Mrs. Julie McBride, the principal at this wonderful school.

    We are on a mission here at Fair Oaks Ranch Community School. Every single day, we are working on building positive relationships with our students. We know the importance of academics, but we also know that we need to meet every child’s social and emotional needs. We want every student to feel connected to other students and to the adults at school, and we are implementing Capturing Kids Hearts to support our mission.

    The process is so simple! Every morning, teachers are at the door meeting and greeting their students. We want to ensure that students start their day off with a quick check in with their teacher – a positive beginning to their day. Classes work together to build a social contract – an agreement of behavior. Students and teachers work together to determine how they want to be treated by each other in the class, and then the entire group signs the social contract.  Each day, the teacher leads “good things” to set a positive tone for the class, and emphasize celebrating each other’s happiness.  Classes are also focused on giving each other affirmations – positive statements to uplift and encourage each other. We want every student and staff member to know they are a part of the Falcon family.

    In addition, our goal is to increase all student achievement by providing high quality instruction, with academic interventions and enrichment in place to foster student success. Each year we strive to provide each child with new challenges that will result in a rewarding school experience. Academic emphasis on the California State Standards in the area of reading, writing, and math will be a priority. We are thrilled to be utilizing a brand-new science series to spark that love of science in every child. Instruction in social studies, fine arts, technology and physical education complete our program, providing each student with an opportunity to develop skills in their area of interest.  The importance placed on high expectations permeates the classrooms, empowering our students to "Soar Above the Rest"!


    Thank you for your continued support!

    Mrs. Julie McBride


    Fair Oaks Ranch Community School





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