• Golden Oak Community School Vision Statement

    Students achieving their greatest potential is our collaborative purpose.

    Mission Statement

    Golden Oak Community School is committed to providing a wide continuum of opportunities which value individuals, maximize both skills and knowledge, enhance self-esteem, produce responsible and lifelong scholars, and are responsive to the needs of a diverse student, parent, and community population.  We commit to a comprehensive system of support to ensure these outcomes.

    School Beliefs

    We believe:

    • All students have the ability to learn

    • Setting and modeling high expectations for responsible decision-making and respect for self and others is vital to positive expectations.

    • Teachers, staff, administrators, parents, students, and community members are responsible for providing a safe and caring environment.

    • Individualized instruction is necessary and should be guided by ongoing, authentic assessment as well as research-based best practices. 

    • Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.

    • Positive relationships and mutual respect among and between students and staff will enhance student self-esteem.

    School Motto

    From little acorns grow the Mighty Golden Oak!