2021 Bluebird

Transportation Department

    • Director of Transportation: Danielle Cuevas
    • Mechanic: Manny Rubio
    • Mechanic: Victor Gonzalez
    • Driver Instructor: 
    • Lead Driver: Claudia Magana
    • Office Specialist: Victor Perez-Chavez


    • Mariola Clements
    • Denise Gonzales
    • Laura Gonzales
    • Clara Lopez
    • Claudia Lopez
    • Laura Martinez
    • Ofelia Martinez
    • Cristina Mendoza
    • Guadalupe Moran
    • Melissa Muro
    • Erin Seem
    • Brenda Sickler
    • Yesenia Verduzco
    • Andy Vasquez

    Contact us Directly: (661)252-3822

Application Information


  • It is important to remember that any child that is riding a school bus must have an application on file prior to boarding.  Even if your child rode the school bus last year, a new application must be submitted to ensure the information is current.

    The Sulphur Springs School District boundary contains approximately 72 square miles of generally mountainous terrain. The district has established approximately 100 approved bus stops that are used on a daily basis. Our 21 school buses annually transport approximately 1700 students nearly 300,000 miles. The drivers' total experience of 333 years of pupil transportation experience is instrumental in the safe arrival of our students to their destination.