Maintenance & Operations Staff

    • Projects and Facilities Director: Ronaldo Lopez-Garcia
    • Secretary: Felicia McLaughlin
    • Maintenance and Operations Supervisor: Jimmie Diaz
    • Maintenance and Operations Supervisor: Fernando Vidrio
    • Warehouse Operator: Daniel Ortiz
    • Multi-Skilled Maintenance Worker: Rich Escalante
    • Multi-Skilled Maintenance Worker: Jorge Celedon
    • Multi-Skilled Maintenance Worker: Cesar Celedon
    • Multi-Skilled Maintenance Worker: Eusebio Hernandez
    • Irrigation Technician: Jesse Deans
    • Irrigation Specialist: Nick McIlvaine
    • Lead Groundskeeper: Efrain Quezada
    • Lead Groundskeeper: Jose Hernandez
    • Groundskeeper: Timothy Clements
    • Groundskeeper: Eric Escalante
    • Groundskeeper: Victor Escalante

    The Maintenance and Operations Department strives to service and maintain the buildings and grounds throughout the district in a safe, courteous, and professional manner while creating a safe and pleasant learning environment.