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Sulphur Springs New Classroom Building

  • A new 10-classroom building is proposed to replace aging relocatable classrooms over time and increase capacity at the site on an interim basis. This new building would allow the eventual removal of the 9 existing relocatable classrooms on the site and could be built utilizing either a one-story or two-story design, sited to the northeast of the site. This location would require the reconfiguration of the parking lot and the removal of two permanent classrooms. The existing relocatable facilities on the site should be utilized as swing space to accommodate increased enrollment due to the Vista Canyon development. These relocatables should be removed once enrollment has normalized and they are no longer needed.

Check out the most recent progress of construction at Sulphur Springs!

Pinetree Construction Video

Check out the most recent progress construction video at Pinetree!

Pinetree Learning Center

  • Thanks to the community for supporting the Measure CK Bonds, Pinetree Community School has been able to open up a state of the art learning center for its students. This new hybrid center features both a Library and technology stations that will support educating the students of Pinetree Community School for many years to come. This center features an 85 inch 4K SMART Board, 5 separate computer stations, and modern furniture to enable the best environment for students to learn in.

Valley View Construction Project

  • Because of the communities support with Measure CK, Valley View Community School was able to build a brand new building, the Tommy D. Warner Annex Building fitted to support both the severely handicapped children of Santa Clarita Valley as well as the 3rd-6th grade classes to allow for a combined learning environment where no student is left out. This mindset was then applied to create a playground that is fully accessible and wheelchair compatible to allow for equal play for all students at Valley View.