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    Substitute Teachers

    We are looking for qualified candidates who can carry on with the classroom routine in the teacher's absence.

    We have temporarily increased our Substitute Teacher pay which is effective now through February 28, 2022.

    Salary Range:  Full Day = $225 (General Education)

    Half Day = $135 (General Education)

    Full Day = $235 (Special Education)

    Half Day = $140 (Special Education)

    Subbing for a Teacher attending a training (General Education) = $235

    Subbing for a Teacher attending a training (Special Education) = $235

    *Long Term Substitute (General Education/Special Education) = $249.85

    Must possess a Multiple Subject credential, Special Education credential, or a 30-Day Substitute Teacher permit.

    Prior substitute teacher or student teacher experience preferred.

    Applicants interested in this position must submit a Substitute teacher application, resume, two letters of recommendation, and must have a BA and passed CBEST, or possess a credential.  


    *Must have a preliminary or Professional Clear Multiple Subject Credential. Must work more than 20 consecutive teaching days, with no interruptions, otherwise the count starts over. 


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